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Chinese and Japanese wisteria are invasive, aggressive, perennial vines that reproduce by seed and clonally. No one knows how long perennial invasive wisteria vines can remain in the same place or at what rate they go extinct (naturally or with human intervention). The goal of this project is to to find out how long an individual patch of wisteria can persist. To figure this out, I have looked up herbarium specimens from 60-10 years ago. These exact sites need to be revisted to see if wisteria is still there.

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I am looking for anyone who wants to help (not just trained botanists), especially wisteria lovers, nature enthusiasts, hikers, and weekend trip-takers in the Southeast. I can't offer financial compensation, but I will list the names of people that contribute to this project. I will update this website as I receive pictures, so check back often.

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